Riding out Hurricane Isaac….

This picture was taken on a sunny afternoon in one of the lemur enclosures. Right now LCF staff are caring for our lemurs while riding out Hurricane Issac. After last week’s rain the water was already as high as the hood of a car.   Everything looks lovely in the sunshine…LCF facilities are designed, built, and staffed for every contingency. The reserve is stocked with everything from heavy equipment & hip waders to Wellington Boots. Several LCF staff members and interns live on, or within several hundred feet of the reserve.  Here’s how they do it!

This is the entrance to one shelter. There is a variety of housing for our lemurs, all well stocked to meet their needs.The structures have indoor and outdoor housing as well as space for supplies and resources. Several structures are on the LCF Myakka City reserve for lemurs and staff.

Here is a view of the Animal Husbandry area inside one of our lemur housing structures. Our staff includes a veterinary technician.

The lemurs who free range in the forest are secured in the domes, which are inside of the forest enclosures. LCF staff visit the lemurs everyday.

dome after storm

This is what the forest looks like after a weather event like Hurricane Isaac.

The LCF Animal Care Manager lives on the property, along with several interns and visiting researchers. Two other staff members live within a short walk of the reserve.

The rain has abated in our community as Hurricane Isaac moves west across the Gulf of Mexico.   The wetland habitat in and around LCF are natures way of managing the saturation, flooding, and water left behind by storms like Isaac.

Because the environment always has a high water table, like this picture taken in a relatively dry time, storms like Isaac have a big impact.


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