Tampolo Diary

(photo courtesy of wildmadagascar.org)

Dr. Shaquille O’ Neal  is working hard to bring attention to lemurs and Madagascar. Check out the video of his photo shoot with a Mouse Lemur on the Wild Madagascar website.


Help advocate for lemurs and Madagascar by sharing this link and letting Shaq know how much we appreciate his dedication! Find him on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/shaqverified

The biggest problem facing lemurs in the wild,  like this Diadem Sifaka photographed by LCF Executive Director and CEO Lee Nesler on a recent trip to the Tampolo Protected Area,  is habitat destruction from illegal logging, and poor agricultural practices like slash and burn.  Loggers also hunt lemurs for bushmeat to sustain their camps, creating more severe impact than logging alone.

At the Lemur Conservation Foundation our mission focuses on flora, fauna, habitat, and partnering with the people of Tampolo to find solutions that will improve their lives and preserve the unique environment surrounding their communities.  For example, the United nations Development Program Tanzania and Kenya studies demonstrate that efficient cook stoves can reduce wood consumption for fuel by fifty percent.  A simple piece of technology like this one can help preserve the forests, the lemurs, and improve women’s lives.

Studies show that improved conservation outcomes are directly linked to female literacy.  Women’s access to technology like efficient stoves helps the environment and  also improves their lives in at least two ways.  First, efficient stoves reduce the number of trips women must make into the forests to gather fuel wood for cooking.  Fewer trips to gather wood sufficient for their families’ needs relieves them of this hard physical labor.  Second, fewer trips means increased personal  safety.  Gathering wood is very dangerous.  Women  report high frequencies of assault and even rape on wood gathering trips into the forests where illegal logging operations are run by what amounts to syndicates empowered by corruption and disregard for the law and society.
LCF is an active partner in Tampolo, ready to assist with alternatives and solutions for local communities, the environment, and the lemurs, the iconic animal of Madagascar and this crisis.  Education, alternative technology, and sustainable income sources are some areas of focus with great potential to improve the quality of life for people in communities around the Tampolo Protected Area, and lemurs in the forests.   Visit our website at www.lemurreserve.org to learn how you can support communities around the Tampolo Protected Area and help protect the lemurs and their habitat.  And give Dr. O’Neal a shout out from LCF for bringing attention to the problems facing Madagascar.

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