Tails From Myakka City…

Science at the reserve: Dr. Linda Taylor, Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Miami

Dr. Taylor specializes in the study of kinship and social structure in primates.  She is a visiting scholar in primatology at the Duke University Primate Center and has           published more than 30 articles on primates, including work in American Journal of Primatology and International Journal of Primatology .  Dr. Taylor has been recognized with an Excellence in Teaching award in 1997.

Dr. Taylor has been awarded several grants for research on primate behavior, focusing on aging lemur populations.  These interests have taken her to venues as close as Monkey Jungle and as far away as MadagascarDr. Taylor serves on the Lemur Conservation Foundation Scientific Advisory Committee.

Meet Fred, now 23. He is the oldest lemur at LCF Myakka City.

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