Tampolo Diary…news from Madagascar

Can eating great chocolate help save Madagascar’s lemurs and forests? Our friends at Madecasse Chocolate have some great news…

‘We’re thrilled to announce publicly that we’ve found “pure ancient cocoa varieties” -pure Criollo, Amelonado, and Trinitario, considered some of the most flavorful in the world – in Madagascar. The discovery has kicked off a new initiative to preserve and increase their numbers – meaning even more flavorful chocolate (we already blend these beans into our bars now), and more “forest farms” that help preserve the original forests in Madagascar.

coastal rainforest village in Madagascar

And that’s just for Madécasse – the discovery has the Fine Chocolate Industry Association on the hunt for similar cocoa around the world, and conservation efforts in other parts of the island learning how to use cocoa as a protective deforestation “buffer zone.” This is just the beginning of a bigger story we’re proud to be a part of: a redefinition of “fine chocolate” and a new chapter in environmentally friendly business practice.’  Still need a reason to eat more chocolate?

Children at the Ezaka Cooperative cocoa farm, and the next generation of Madagascar chocolate makers.

About 85% of Madagascar’s flora and fauna are endemic to the island, and are found nowhere else in the world. Only 10% of the native forests remain. ’70 % of the world’s cocoa comes from Africa. Less than 1% of its chocolate is made there. Make fine chocolate in Africa. It’s a revolutionary idea in the chocolate world.

And there are a thousand reasons why it isn’t usually done. But, it’s an idea that can make the world a better place, generating 4x more income than fair trade cocoa alone. Every Madécasse bar you savor starts the change in one, small corner of Madagascar.’

Bean to Bar in Madagascar! Click here to order or find a store with Medacasse Chocolate.

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