Madagascar Monday

The Junior Reporters Club is a program funded by UNICEF and facilitated by the Madagascar Fauna Group. The Lemur Conservation Foundation is a managing member of MFG. We are very proud of this program!

Because the Junior Reporters Club (JRC) Tamatave is already an active club funded by UNICEF, the primary role of MFG is to
facilitate periodic meetings, dialogue sessions,  and targeted visits of the JRC with the MFG team to Ivoloina and Betampona for use in the JRC weekly broadcasts.

Some examples of radio broadcasts include:
“Aza makota” which means don’t be dirty,  “Andraikitry ny tanora amin’ny fiarovana ny tontolo iainana = Youth’s environmental responsibilities,  Biodiversity and the environment,
and Youths Summit in Ivoloina.

Students from the Saturday School at Ivoloina got the chance to spend a few days at the Tampolo Forest Reserve, a sister project of MFG’s member, the Lemur Conservation Foundation ( Tampolo is a 1700-acre littoral forest situated on the coast north of the city of Fenerive Est (100 km north of Tamatave).

Under the guidance of Deborah Ross (www., one of America’s leading wildlife artists and graphic designers for zoo exhibitions, the children created beautiful watercolor paintings of the forest and its inhabitants. Some of these masterpieces will be part of a traveling exhibit in the U.S. to draw attention to Madagascar’s biodiversity.

by Larissa Gula

(story & photos courtesy of the Madagascar Fauna Group)


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