Tails From Myakka City…

We want to share this news from the Wildlife Conservation Society, and the conference hosted last week by  U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“We need to protect the source, break the chain and stop demand”

Here is a summary of the problem: “Illegal trade in wildlife, timber and fisheries is estimated to be fueling illicit economies around the world at approximately $10-15 billion annually. Wildlife trafficking is among the world’s most lucrative illicit economies, second only to illegal drugs and human trafficking…”

“In the short-term, we need to protect the populations in the wild through increased enforcement, capacity building and technology transfer. For example, the United States has taken a leadership position through the Congo Basin Forest Partnership. The Wildlife Conservation Society, World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International and the African Wildlife Foundation in collaboration with our governmental partners are working across Central Africa to protect the wildlife and their forests.
We know what works and if these initiatives can be scaled up at the regional and global level we will gain valuable time to save these vulnerable populations. Reducing demand through enforcement and increasing awareness at the consumer end will be critical for our long-term success.” Dr. Christian Samper, President & CEO, WCS

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