ECOnsider This: Animal Planet program features the silky sifaka lemur…

Animal Planet will air a unique and important program about silky sifaka lemur and rosewood conservation in Madagascar. It will air on December 18, at 8 PM ET.  

Silky Sifaka Mother and Infant_Jeff Gibbs

‘There will likely never be another film like this, and this will be the first airing in the USA. Months of filming over several trips took place in Madagascar including aerial helicopter footage over the Marojejy massif,’   Dr. Erik Patel.

The program, Lemurs, is episode 6 of Animal Planet’s ‘Frontier Earth:’  “Found in the treetops of Madagascar’s rain forest, the silky sifaka lemur is one of the rarest primates on Earth. Covered with soft snow-white fur, this endangered lemur is facing a double threat to its existence: greed and corporate callousness are destroying the tiny corner of forest it calls home. A dedicated scientist and courageous investigator are working hard to save these lemurs, but can they succeed before this beautiful primate vanishes forever?” Follow this link to learn more about the program:

Mother with a different mother's infant and her own_Jeff Gibbs

Lemurs, the final episode of the Animal Planet series, ‘Frontier Earth,’ is based in part on a film produced in cooperation with the BBC.  It was narrated by Sir David Attenborough when it aired with great success in the UK in April 2012. The film received a Conservation Film Prize at the prestigious International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula, Montana. For more information visit

The film includes a discussion of the Gibson Guitar issue, Environmental Investigation Agency’s undercover work in Madagascar, and conservation of critically endangered lemurs, particularly the silky sifaka in Marojejy National Park.

Dr. Patel’s work is featured in the program. He has been working in Madagascar for over 10 years, studying the behavioral biology and conservation of the silky sifaka, one of the most rare, and also one of the most critically endangered primates in world. Read more about Dr. Patel’s work and his team featured in the film at   You can also learn more about his work and the Silly Sifaka on the web site of his foundation, Simpona,’

Dr. Erik Patel is the Post Doctoral Project Director for the new SAVA Conservation Project at the Duke University Lemur Center, and is a member of the LCF Scientific Advisory Committee.


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