Tails From Myakka City….

Working at the Lemur Conservation Foundation can be just plain fun.  Enjoy this video of baby Killian and Ansell, also seen in the picture above, to see why…

All the fun is also part of important scientific observation and research. Lemurs are  among the most rare and endangered primates in the world.  They are primates, and prosimians.  Prosimians have characteristics more like those of the oldest primates; lemurs are arboreal and the only primates endemic to Madagascar.  Despite their uniqueness, and their endangered status, there is comparatively little known about lemurs in the wild.  The lemur Conservation Foundation Myakka City reserve is one of the few places in The United States where lemurs can be observed and studied in a free-ranging habitat.  Research studies include topics like behavior, social structure and family units.

Because The Myakka City Reserve provides a wild forest home for our lemur colony it is an important field environment for rigorous research. Each year we welcome professional research scientists like conservation biologists and anthropologists.  Read more about out Scientific Advisory Council on our LCF TEAM website.

LCF is also home to unique field training programs for undergraduate college students.  Graduates of our Field Training School have gone on to earn 3 Fulbright Scholarships, doctorate degrees, and now conduct research projects in lemurs only endemic, wild habitat, the island of Madagascar. We love what we do – the lemurs and the science – and invite you to enjoy learning about both with us. Click here to lean more…


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