Tails From Myakka City: Watch Animal Planet Tonight!

Dr Patel and silky sifaka BBC

Tonight’s the night! Set your DVR’s, or get your remote control and settle in to watch Dr. Erik Patel’s work with the silky sifaka. Animal Planet is airing a unique and important program about silky sifaka lemur and rosewood conservation in Madagascar. It will air on December 18, at 8 PM ET.

Dr. Patel serves as a member of LCF’s  Scientific Advisory Council. Read more about his international conservation efforts and work at the Simpona Web site  http://www.simpona.org/cv.html

Silky Sifaka Mother and Infant_Jeff Gibbs

You can also read some of Dr. Patel’s scholarship about this beautiful, rare, and endangered animal on the Simpona Web site. Here is a start:

‘…The most recent IUCN Red List assessment (2008) lists P. candidus as Critically Endangered. This is one of the rarest and most critically endangered lemurs. Global population size is estimated between 100 and 1,000. Silky sifakas are hunted throughout their range as there is no local taboo, or fady, against eating them. Habitat disturbance, such as slash-and-burn agriculture (tavy), logging of precious woods (for example, rosewood) and fuel wood, also occurs in and adjacent to the protected areas where they are found (Patel et al. 2005b; Patel 2007b; Nielson and Patel 2008).

The silky sifaka has a very restricted range in northeastern Madagascar that includes the humid forest belt extending from Maroantsetra to the Andapa Basin and the Marojejy Massif. Marojejy National Park marks the northern limit of its current distribution, although at one time it occurred as far north as Bemarivo River near Sambava. The Androranga River may represent the northwestern range limit within the Tsaratanana Corridor. The Antainambalana River, within the Makira Conservation Site, is believed to be the southern limit…’  READ MORE

Mother with a different mother's infant and her own_Jeff Gibbs



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