Cute Overload…


This festive lemur looks ready to ring in the New Year!  The poster, by Mary Fussell, is available in the LCF Amazon Web store at

Marilyn K North Lemur Lodge in Jim Toomey Forest

In addition to the whimsical “Ring-tail in Top Hat” poster, Mary Fussell created the limited edition mongoose lemur family portrait in 2002 (for the 2003 art calendar) and designed and gifted the beautiful etched glass door on the Marilyn North Lemur Lodge.  Fussell also taught art classes to Malagasy children in LCF’s sister reserve, the Protected Area of Tampolo and contributed drawings to LCF publications.


For more information about Mary and her work visit 

‘…The collages in Ms. Fussell’s web site were inspired by an educational trans-disciplinary experiment initiated and hosted by the Lemur Conservation Foundation, Myakka City, Florida. The program, Art/Science Environmental Imperative, advocates collaboration between artists and scientists working in an atmosphere where the boundaries of their respective studies are blurred, inspiring novel ways to understand and express a shared experience. Ms. Fussell’s collages are educational in focus and intent and represent a rich archetypal world that shows nature in its vast diversity…’


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