There’s A New Lemur Pair at LCF!

original lucy SIZED FB

Meet Lucy, a female collared lemur who arrived at LCF Myakka City reserve with her mate Jacque from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.  They are both doing well and getting used to the sunny, beautiful Florida weather.

Lucy Bisquit at camera SIZED FB

When lemurs first arrive at LCF Myakka City Lemur Reserve they live in a quarantine compound so we can monitor their health, and how they adjust to their new surroundings.

Lucy and Jacque are part of the Species Survival Plan for collared lemurs. Lucy has not had a successful birth over the past few years and we, LCF & Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, are hoping that a change in environment and more open space will give Lucy and her mate a better chance at having a successful birth this coming year. They are a bit older but we are still hoping we can acquire some infants over the next few years.  Lucy’s sister, Claire, came to LCF several years ago. Lucy will be reunited with her sister and will be able to watch Claire. Clair is a great mother!  We’re hoping Lucy will learn a few tip on birthing and raising young from her sister.

Lucy carrot portrait SIZED FB

Lucy and Jacque are beautiful animals with great dispositions.  They’re both very friendly and sweet. We’re so happy to have our new lemurs at LCF!


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