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Have you ever needed a good reason to enjoy some great chocolate? How about this one:

Madecasse was named a “2012 Leader of Change” by the United Nations and ‘The Foundation for Social Change.’ “We started with one assumption,” says Tim McCollum, co-founder of Madécasse and former Peace Corps volunteer in Madagascar, “That is: anything is possible. Period. One of the best quality chocolates in the world can be made entirely – from scratch – in Africa, bringing more people into the value chain and helping to create prosperity in Africa.” Now that’s a reason to eat more chocolate!


We love Tim, Madecasse, and chocolate. What does this have to do with LCF? Sustainable Farming, community prosperity, and forest conservation are all part of the solution for lemurs in Madagascar.

Visit the Madecasse website at

Founders MadecasseFBSIZED


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