Science At The Reserve: Care Of Our Aging Lemurs

patty and fred tongue

Everybody loves Fred: Fred seems to enjoy this kind of ‘thermo-regulation!’ with LCF’s Director of Research and Operations.  This week Fred had an appointment at a local vet clinic for an ultra sound and some other tests to diagnose renal disease.

fred proceedure 2

Fred’s diagnosis is CRF (Chronic Renal Failure) with Polycystic Renal Disease. He is azotemic, anemic due to renal failure, and thin. CRF is a common aliment of age in captive animals, lemurs, and primates.  Fred is about 23 years old. He is the oldest lemur at LCF. Care of’ aging lemurs is important at LCF because, as part of a captive population, our lemurs can live to an old age, like Fred.

fred ultrasound

Fred and his group of Sanford’s lemurs, Ikhito and Bao, moved from the forest to one of our buildings. This allows us to control the temperature for him (He has trouble ‘thermo-regulating’) and monitor his medical condition. He is on a special diet that includes low protein and lots of potassium foods. Fred has a good appetite now, and because he has lost most of his teeth, (that’s why his tongue is sticking out in the first picture) we soak his chow and make mashed potatoes for him along with his bananas!

banana fred sized

In addition to diet and environment controls, he is receiving several medications, has frequent weight checks and blood work as needed. And LCF staff monitors his behavior and comfort closely.  Thanks to the team at West Coast Veterinary Center in Sarasota, Florida for Fred’s excellent medical care.

staff West Coase Vet

Lemur Conservation Foundation is certified by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

CAZA_rgb copy


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