Madagascar Diary & International Women’s Day at LCF

At LCF we are celebrating ‘International Women’s Day’ and the women scientists who make an incredible contribution to science and to our organization.  Let’s start at the beginning, with LCF’s founder, Penelope Bodry-Sanders.tampolo8

Ms. Bodry-Sanders retired as Executive Director of LCF in 2010, but continues as vice-chairman of LCF’s Board of Directors. In 1999, she retired from New York’s American Museum of Natural History where she served for over 18 years in a number of capacities. From 1988-1999 she was the Education Coordinator for the Museum’s study/travel program, directing all educational aspects from hiring and managing staff to researching and securing educational literature for over 50 study programs a year. She is also Field Associate in the Museum’s Division of Anthropology. Previously, she served alternately as Manager of Special Collections – Archives, Photographs, Films and Art/Realia, Film Archivist and conservationist in the Museum’s Department of Library Services, and as colony manager for a breeding colony of zebra finches in the Museum’s Department of Ornithology.


African Obsession: the Life and Legacy of Carl Akeley, about the legendary hunter-turned-conservationist who saved the mountain gorilla from extinction, was well received and lauded as an enormous contribution to the body of conservation literature. Ms. Bodry-Sanders is Research Associate of Duke University Primate Center and served as Council member of the African Wildlife Foundation from 1988-1991. She is a member of the American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums, a Fellow of the Explorers Club and the Royal Geographic Society in London, and is a frequent lecturer on conservation issues in the United States, Africa, and India.



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