LCF ‘Baby Kit’

What happens when a lemur baby is born at the LCF Myakka City Reserve?

baby w milk tube sized

Some first time lemur mothers are learning the skills they need to be a good parent.  In some cases, the infant or mom may need a bit of help within the first 24 hours and our kit is ready! Here at LCF we stand by with tools and supplies that the new infant or mother will need to support their journey through the birthing process.

baby remy 2SIZED

We make sure the baby is able to cling to mom, nurse and she is able to support and nurture the infant.  We try to stay as “hands-off” as possible and only intervene if either mom or infant are in distress.  If we need to intervene, we have a heating pad, a small stuffed animal and our infant protocol on hand.

baby scale sized

It is hard to say what we consider the most important object in our “Baby Kit”, but it would probably be the scale. A healthy birth weight is one of the most important advantages a new infant has when coming into the world.  If the infant has a good birth weight they have the building blocks of a smooth transition and a good,  solid ground if anything should go wrong with the delivery, nursing or mom.

The initial infant weight on the day they are born is extremely important to record.  It is a great indicator if the infant is gaining weight, and we are encouraged to know that mom is producing milk and baby is nursing. If the infant is losing weight and getting weak, a second weight is taken to confirm the decrease while heat and supportive fluids are given.  This will give the baby the boost it needs to nurse effectively and mom the time she needs to figure this all out.  It is a learning process for every new mom and baby and with our support we can help save another species from extinction.


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