Easter At The Reserve


Olivier with easter egg 3DROPPED

Here are a few pictures from the Easter egg hunt on Sunday morning, featuring Oliver!

Ollie with easter egg

Olivier is a three-year old collared lemur (Eulemur collaris) and as you can see he enjoyed the activity very much.

Olivier with easter egg

Ollie’s Easter Eggs were filled with treats lemurs love, like carrots and red grapes.  In this picture Oliver is eating one of his treats. (Lemurs tilt their head back when they eat to keep the food in their mouth as they chew. )

While an activity like this are wonderful photo opportunities, it is also serious science and an important enrichment activity for our lemurs.  Enrichment activities improve the quality of life for lemurs like Ollie.  It  provides engagement, problem solving opportunities, variety and mental  stimulation.


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