Tails From Myakka City: Do you love ring-tailed lemurs?

(this great picture is thanks to Nicole Begley)

NB catta on branch 2SIZED

Do you love ring-tailed lemurs?  Would you like to learn about ring-tailed lemurs and the LCF lemur colony? Here is a peek at the great information you can get on our website LEMURRESERVE.ORG

Adult ring-tailed lemurs are about the size of a house cat, weighing 2.5 to 3.0 kg (approximately six pounds). The head and body average seventeen inches, while the tail alone is about twenty-four inches long. The tail has thirteen or fourteen distinctive, alternating black and white bands (Duke University 2000).

They live in large multi-male, multi-female troops; these troops range from 6-24 individuals (Jolly, 2003). Females are always dominant over all males but within troops, females compete for dominance over other females (Vick and Pereira, 1989; Jolly et al., 2000). Female offspring remain with their natal troop, but males migrate once they reach sexual maturity (Jones, 1983; Sussman, 1992…

write a caption 3

The latest IUCN Red List assessment categorizes the ring-tailed lemurs as Vulnerable (VU A2cd). The greatest threat to these lemurs is human activity. The gallery forests in which lemurs live are being converted to farmland, overgrazed by livestock or harvested for coal production (Mittermeier, 2006).

Furthermore, people hunt them for food and, more frequently, capture them to keep as pets (Duke University 2000). The captive ring-tailed lemurs housed at the reserve participate in the AZA’s cooperative breeding program to help safeguard the species against extinction.’

catta, roe


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