Flora, Fauna, Habitat: Telemetry Collars Help Locate Lemurs In The Forests


Here’s a close up of 3 very handsome male  free ranging ring tailed lemurs at LCF’s Myakka CIty reserve. Yuengling has the yellow collar, Adam has a blue collar and Harp has the orange collar. The collars are used to locate the animals when they are in the forest and keepers are not able to locate them right away.  We have 9 acres of fenced in, open air forest which means there are hundreds of tall trees and hang out spots for our lemurs!


If keepers have a difficult time finding a group or individual lemurs in the forest we use a telemetry device to locate them. The telemetry device works a lot like a GPS device does, but instead of using a map it allows the keeper to navigate towards the lemurs with a series of beeps.


The beeping becomes louder as keepers get closer to the animals they are trying to locate. All of the animals in our forest habitats wear this kind of GPS collar. We test the collars on a regular schedule to make sure they work when we need them!


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