Tools For Educators: Teach About Primates

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Here is a great article on Mongabay about The Primate Education Network:

“Without sufficient resources and training, it’s hard to get an education project off the ground in primate habitat countries,” she explains. “There is also a demand for existing primate education projects to design and improve their monitoring and evaluation components.”

The network’s local impact is driven by their Regional Coordinators, who are developing a holistic understanding of their region’s progress in primate education. Regional Coordinators connect directly with primate educators in their respective regions to learn about their work and engage them in the network through presentations, workshops, trainings, and other collaborative activities. They also source and share PEN’s collected and curated primate education resources, as well as identify ways to highlight educators’ work through their global network.

These educators are the real heroes of primate conservation education. We’re honoring their work by sharing their stories through a nomination process,” explained Clanin regarding the Educator of the Month blog series. “Educators are a powerful voice for primates, but prior to the establishment of PEN, you rarely – if ever – heard about their successes and challenges. I wanted to provide a podium for them, so that they could emerge on the international stage. In order to foster dialogue and synergy, we’re introducing the local champions of primate education. I created the Educator of the Month series, along with our Voices from the Field, to amplify the voices of primate educators. Through these series, we’re spotlighting their efforts and connecting them with other educators.”


Here’s a link to educators resources

Here’s a link to LCF’s Bladstrom Library


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