What Happens When the Forest Trails Flood?

record rain

We have been getting record rainfall on the reserve for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, our nicely worn lemur trails also make perfect pathways for all of the extra rain water. Lemurs are not the biggest fans of walking through puddles, so we had to think of a way to get Ansell, her twins and the rest of the lemurs back on one of their major forest pathways …and do it before the next set of storms.

Pete building fenceSIZED

With the generous support from USA Fence Company in Bradenton, FL, we were able to get enough fencing to line the lemur’s 250 foot trail through the west end of the forest. Ansell didn’t waste any time hopping on the fence and not – so – patiently waited for Pete, LCF’s Maintenance Supervisor, and the rest of the staff to put up the remainder of the fence.

Adam and Harp on fenceSIZED

We are happy to report that the lemurs are back to using their favorite trail and staying nice and dry on their new fence pathway. Ansell and our other lemurs at LCF are extremely valuable to captive populations. Keeping them healthy and happy helps ensure that lemur populations continue to grow, which is critical to the success of captive and wild lemur populations.  – Alison Grand, Ph.D., LCF Animal Care Manager

Ansell with Twins 7-13SIZED


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