Colony Update


Collared brown Lemur (Eulemur collaris) Claire was diagnosed with liver cancer in early 2012. She gave birth shortly after her diagnosis and continues to be a strong member of the group and a loving mother. Her offspring are highly valuable for the captive population of collared lemurs.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature lists Collared brown lemurs as Vulnerable.  ‘The species is thought to have undergone a reduction of more than 30% over the past 24 years (assuming a generation length of 8 years) due primarily to a decline in area and quality of habitat within the known range of the species coupled with the impact of hunting.’

These threats include the destruction of their native habitat as humans use the trees for resources and the land for farming, the bush meat industry which harvests animals for a luxury market, and the multi-billion dollar pet trade that captures lemurs and other animals for sale as pets.

Click here to open a map of the Collared brown lemur’s habitat in Madagascar.


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