Conservation Is Our Middle Name: Building Sustainable Communities In Madagascar With Chocolate

chocolate larry the lemur

Want to help lemurs? You can by eating more Madecasse Chocolate. Sustainable communities are an indispensable part of effective conservation in Madagascar. Learn more about Madecasse’s mission and award-winning chocolate – UK’s Specialty & Fine Food Fair, and Editor’s Pick from Mother Earth Living! (images are thanks to Madecasse Facebook page and web site.)  Visit Madecasse to learn about Larry the Lemur’s trip to the UK to accept a ‘Great Taste Award’ from the UK’s Specialty & Fine Food Fair!

Bean to bar in Madagascar! Madecasse Chocolate is made in Madagascar by investing in the farmers who produce the cocoa pods.

chocolate-final jpg

They’re the only international company producing chocolate in Madagascar, home to some of the highest quality cocoa in the world. Madecasse uses traditional chocolate methods not typically used in mass production. Click here to see what Mother Earth Living has to say about the Pink Pepper & Citrus Chocolate bar, recently selected as Editor’s Pick

chocolate makersThe goal? Creating prosperity for the farmers, sustainable development in Africa, and the best chocolate in the world. What can you do? Eat more Madecasse chocolate! Click Here To Visit the MADECASSE WEB SITE


Cocoa grown in Madagascar is unique, much like other flora and fauna on the island. It’s flavors are memorably rich and distinct.  Madagascar produces only amount 4,500 tons of cocoa each year mostly in the northwestern Ambanja District. Several species of lemurs live in the cocoa growing region including the Black lemur (Eulemur macaco) pictured here.


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