Colony Update! A little lemur matchmaking…

To increase the genetic diversity of the lemur populations, it is important to send our animals to other institutions and to bring new lemurs into our population. A lot of care and consideration goes into managed breeding. There have been many changes to our lemur colony over the past couple of months as we prepare for breeding season. 


Breeding recommendations are made by Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) facilities participating in managed breeding programs for each species. For example, LCF’s Animal Care Manager, Alison Grand, Ph.D., manages the Ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta) stud book, and Patricia Walsh, LCF’s Director of Research and Operations, is the Secretary of the Prosimian Taxon Advisory Group. 

In October of this year,Andres,our 2year old mongoose lemur(Eulemurmongoz) pictured above, was transferred from his family group at LCFto Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. He will be paired with a breeding female there.

Sobe 100098 and Sassy 100099

Stella, one of our female ring-tailed lemurs(Lemur catta) transferred to the Lowry Park Zoo. She will be a companion for their male,Gizmo. Molson,who was previously paired with Stella,is now housed with 2 breeding females,Sobe and Sarsaparilla (pictured here). Sobe and Sarsaparilla also came to LCF from the Duke University Lemur Center.

Wizard 10010

Last, but certainly not least,we are happy to welcome Wizard,a rare collared lemur (Eulemurcollaris), to our colony. She also came from the Duke University Lemur Center. Wizard will be paired with Olivier,our 3year old male collared lemur. There are very few collard lemur births each year, so we are hoping that LCF’s two breeding pairs (Wizard and Olivier, and Jacques and Lucy) will have success this year. Stay tuned to see how we did with our match-making!


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