Wild Is Beautiful!

alligator 2

Have you ever wondered how wild our forests really are?  In spite of the chain link fence topped with hot wire, sometimes unwelcome guests manage to make their way into the forests here at LCF.  A small alligator was found in one forest during a routine fence walk.

Rachel Mattes

Typically a fence walk involves scouting the perimeter of the fence and making sure it is in good working condition and that no branches are hanging close enough to allow for a lemur escape. However, this fence walk quickly became out of the ordinary when Animal Care Technician Felicia Spector and Animal Care Intern Rachel Mattes (pictured here) captured and released a small alligator that was found inside the forest.

alligator 1

The alligator probably would not have posed much of a threat to the lemurs because of its small size, but it was still determined that the best course of action would be to relocate it. Using a catch pole to restrain the alligator and some towels to wrap its body, the alligator was quickly and easily carried out of the forest and released next to a small pond on the property. It was not spotted again after the incident and the forest remains safe and sound.


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