Winterizing at the Reserve

Pete with insulation panel and rubra

We recently winterized the domes for the free ranging lemurs in the forests.This was done to give the lemurs shelter from the cold and the wind during the winter.

Heater in dome

Although there are differences in climate based on the various geographic characteristics of Madagascar, low temperatures generally remain in themid-40s in July, the coldest month in Madagascar.  To keep temperatures within the typical range for lemurs in the wild, the mesh doors of the domes were shielded to reduce exposure to the wind and infrared heat lamps were added.

V. rubra at dome

Knowledge of the lemurs’ native habitat is critical to determining the best husbandry practices for our lemurs and ensures that we are providing the best possible care on the reserve.

– by Casey Krause,  LCF Animal Husbandry Intern

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