ECOnsider This: Inspiring the next generation of lemur ‘conservationeers’

zoo ed workshop

Are you interested in becoming an inspiration for young  lemur’ conservationeers?’  Join us at the Jacksonville Zoo for a hand on workshop designed for zoo educators.

AkoProjectSeries cover cropped200w x 136h

If you are a teacher and would like to use the Ako Projects in your classroom, you can contact us at

Ako the AyeAye Cover200w x 136h

Bitika The Mouse Lemur200w x 141h

We can provide standards based curriculums for your classroom based on each book, sets of posters featuring different ecosystems in Madagascar where each featured species of lemurs is found, and books for your classroom.

Furry and Fuzzy cover200w x 286h

‘The Ako Series, Madagascar Lemur Adventures is a six book series written by Dr. Alison Jolly and illustrated byDeborah Ross especially for children 4 to 12 years old. Each book features a different lemur – from the tiny mouse lemur, to the engaging ring tail – in a captivating story that imaginatively teaches children about natural science, conservation, and the island of Madagascar.’

Bounce Silky Sifaka 200w x 285h

‘This enchanting and ravishingly illustrated little book about some of the world’s most beautiful and endangered creatures cannot fail to captivate its readers, young and old.’ Dr. Ian Tattersall.

NoSong Indri Cover200w x 295h

Here are previews of each book in Ako Series: Madagascar Lemur Adventures, more information about the project, and how to order your set of books!

TikTik The Ring Tail Lemur200w x 134h

on wrists 2

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