ECOnsider This: Mongoos Lemurs are one of two species of lemurs found outside of Madagascar

Did you know that only 2 species of lemurs can be found in wild populations outside of the island of Madagascar?


They can also be found in the Comoros islands of Moheli and Anjouan, as well as in northwestern Madagascar. Mongoose lemurs are listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List. The greatest threats to this species are habitat destruction and hunting.  Slash-and-burn agriculture, clearing land for cattle, and charcoal production all result in reduced habitat for the mongoose lemurs.  The Mongoose lemurs at the reserve participate in the AZA’s cooperative breeding program to help safeguard the species against extinction.

3 mongoose in a treeSIZED

Mongoose lemurs live in small family units centered on a male-female pair with one to four offspring. In 2013 two Mongoose lemur infants were born at LCF’s Myakka City Lemur Reserve, and we have two recommended breeding pairs in 2014. Would you like to learn more about Mongoose lemurs?


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