LCF & Jacksonville Zoo Host Workshop For Educators


Zoo and conservation educators from around the state of Florida attended a workshop hosted by LCF and  Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. 

The workshop was designed to introduce zoo and informal educators to the Ako Project: Madagascar Lemur Adventures.   The Ako Project was initiated by LCF, Dr. Alison Jolly, Dr. Hanta Rasamimanana and the University of Madagascar, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, and UNICEF.  Dr. Jolly wrote the text for the six book series for K-5 readers. The books feature different species of lemurs and their habitat. Dr. Rasamimanana, ‘Madagascar’s Lemur Lady,’ created the teacher’s guides and lesson plans, and wildlife artist Deborah Ross illustrated the stories. The books were first published in Malagasy for young people and their teachers in Madagascar to engage with lemur conservation.


The Ako Project, including books, posters and educators guide, promote awareness and support for LCF’s Ako – Certified’ curriculum. It provides an opportunity for educators to observe, model and practice lessons and activities from the Ako curriculum. They have a chance to become familiar with the books, teacher’s guides, posters and classroom activities.

AkoProjectSeries cover cropped200w x 136h

In 2014 LCF will host Ako Days in local schools. The workshop was an important opportunity for educators to contribute their perspective and experience to our staff, share activities, and discuss future Ako Educator Workshops. Most importantly this special day helped to establish a network of educators within Florida who will introduce The Ako Project to their communities!

Bounce Silky Sifaka 200w x 285h

It was a wonderful day and workshop! We had a chance to explore innovative and unique ideas and activities that will inspire students to care about the environment and their impact on this earth.

on wrists 2



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