Tree Platforms Installed In Lemur Conservation Foundation’s Forests

canop 2

The Canopy Quest team got a ‘little’ help from some friends while installing platforms in our forest canopy…thanks to Phil Wittman for these great images!

Dr. Wittman and his team from Canopy Quest came to Lemur Conservation Foundation in Myakka City, Florida to install two tree platforms in our forest enclosures.  Our free ranging lemurs immediately got into the act!

canop 1

The tree platforms provide an enrichment activity for our lemurs along with an observation platform for researchers, students, and LCF staff members.

LCF Red Ruffed Lemur 5957 SIZED

This is a view from the tree platform of a Red ruffed lemur leaping through the canopy.  Lemurs spend much of their time in the canopy and little is known about behavior there. LCF’s tree platforms allows our scientists to produce research that will advance our knowledge of this amazing and endangered species.

on wrists 2


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