SAVA Project Update!

image by Jeff Gibbs
Sifaka…image by Jeff Gibbs


Here is the March 2014 edition of the SAVA Madagascar Conservation project newsletter from our colleagues at the Duke Lemur Center.  This edition features the fat tailed dwarf lemur of Marojejey:

Studying Fat-Tailed Dwarf Lemurs of Marojejy:

“…Marojejey is unique in that it exhibits a great  altitudinal range including forests above 1400m.  As you hike uphill a few hours from the park entrance passing by Camps 1,2, and 3, and reaching the research-only Camp 4, you experience striking changes in forest structure, from primary low altitude rain forest, bamboo dominated forest, mid-altitude primary forests and finally a cold high altitude habitat dominated by short and thick shrubs and lower canopy trees.

SAVA newsletter 3 2014 COVER

Under similar conditions at Tsinjoarivo forest, my team and I had rediscovered a species of dwarf lemur (C. sibreei) a few years ago, which appears to be restricted to high altitude environments. Thus, it was at  least probable that C. sibree may be found at high elevation in Marojejey…”

Read the newsletter here

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