Ecole Normale Superieure Field Training In Berenty

Figure 1. 4th students in 2013 walking in the Isalo canyon

It’s the time of year when students’ thoughts turn to…Field Training! A cohort of 4th and 5th year Life Science students from Madagascar’s Ecole Normale Superieure will spend the summer working in Berenty with Dr. Hanta Rasamimanana.

cute ringtail berenty

They will help with the ring-tailed lemur and sifaka census, as well as the import plant phenology Dr. Rasamimanana is directing there. The students will also have a chance to visit some of Madagascar’s amazing natural areas, and learn skills like how to identify geological formations and attend conservation conferences.

Figure 8. How nice to have new friends and new teachers 2

When writing their master’s thesis before graduation the participating students include information about their field experience and make recommendations about how the things they learned can be used to teach Malagasy students about conservation – and lemurs!

university of mada logoAfter 24 years graduates of this wonderful program are teaching through Madagascar, have earned doctorate degrees, and hold important positions in their country’s conservation institutions.

on wrists 2



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