Madagascar Diary: Madagascar President Hery Rajaonarimampianina at the United Nations


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‘The UNDP Administrator Helen Clark today met with the President of Madagascar, Hery Rajaonarimampianina, who, on his second official visit outside the country, came to meet senior United Nations officials in New York.

Mr. Rajaonarimampianina was elected in January 2014 in a UNDP-supported ballot, marking the end of Madagascar’s five-year political stalemate.

“Madagascar has emerged from a prolonged period of uncertainty and faces the daunting challenge of spreading the dividends of democracy. We must redouble our efforts to support the country on a path to inclusive and sustainable growth development”, said Helen Clark.

Miss Clark and Mr. Rajaonarimampianina discussed the need to complete the country’s political transition and mobilize additional resources for development.’  READ MORE HERE at

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Voice of America reports an improved economic forecast, with improved possibilities for the Malagasy people and the country’s conservation efforts: ”

Madagascar, famed for its wildlife and eyed by foreign firms for its minerals, has struggled to lure back tourists and court oil and mining giants since the coup. The economy has since slumped and poverty deepened.

Finance Minister Lantoniaina Rasoloelison said state coffers currently only had enough money to pay salaries and make basic payments, but added growth would pick up once donors resumed lending money to the cash-starved government.

“For now, there is nothing in the budget beyond keeping the state functioning. Once the president has put in place a political program, we will need to draw up a new budget,” Rasoloelison told reporters.

“We forecast GDP growth of 3 percent this year, but we could go as high as 12 percent in 5 years.”

Rasoloelison said an IMF mission would visit the island from April 22 to May 5 to draw up a new funding framework.”

READ MORE HERE at Voice of America


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