Lemur Art: Vanishing – Art From the Lemur Conservation Foundation’s Collection



Art is very important  at Lemur Conservation Foundation.  We incorporate art into all aspects of our mission, from conservation to research and education. Our art collection helps express the wonder, fragility, splendor, and urgency of lemur conservation, Madagascar, and our relationship to the natural world.


From 22 May through 27 June, ‘Vanishing – Art From the Lemur Conservation Foundation Collection’ will be on exhibit at Art Center Sarasota. The exhibit showcases art curated from LCF’s extensive and important collection of conservation and lemur themed works.

Artist like Alexis Rockman, whose work is shown here, are featured in LCF’s collection. Mr. Rockman work includes  landscapes as they might exist with impacts of climate change and evolution influenced by genetic engineering. His work has appeared in settings from the Smithsonian to the films Life of Pi and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Lemurs are among the most endangered species in the world.  Join us to enjoy the exhibit and learn about challenges and solutions in lemur conservation and Madagascar.  Contact us for more information 941-322-8494

You can learn more about lemurs and our art collection on our website at www.lemurreserve.org

lemur power bracelt cropped


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