Keep Safe Project: Extinction Is Not An Option

Claudia Gorman cropped
Lemur theme Keep Safe box pictured above is by artist  Claudia Gorman


Rhinebeck, NY shoppers will soon be seeing spots and stripes as local artists and retailers collaborate to raise public awareness about the plight of endangered species, especially cheetahs and lemurs. The Keep Safe Project is an annual fundraiser to support the work of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) and Lemur Conservation Foundation,  organizations dedicated to the conservation of these endangered species.


“The goal of the project is not only to educate the public about endangered species, but also to educate them about what we can do to support their habitat and their survival. Recognizing the importance of education in any effort of this magnitude, the Keep Safe Project team is partnering with the Trevor Zoo at the Millbrook School in Millbrook, NY. This year, the project will focus on cheetahs and lemurs and their African wildlife habitats. Benefits from the yearlong project will be shared between the Cheetah Conservation Fund and Lemur Conservation Foundation.” – Paola Bari


The Keep Safe Project is a joint effort between local volunteers and the Trevor Zoo at Millbrook School. The Trevor Zoo at Millbrook School is a leading conservation organization which has been promoting a greater understanding of environmental issues for 78 years.

The “Keep Safe” boxes, fashioned out of repurposed cigar boxes, will be exhibited for public viewing throughout the region. The boxes will then be auctioned off at Millbrook School, Millbrook,N.Y. on October 18, 2014.

by Deborah Coconis
Cheetah theme Keep Safe box is by artist Deborah Coconis

The elaborately decorated boxes will begin their tour in the village of Rhinebeck on August 30.  Local businesses including Betsy Jacaruso Studio & Gallery, Hammertown, Evoke Style, and Winter Sun & Summer Moon will display the boxes prominently in the weeks leading up to the public auction.

joshua branded

On August 30, a reception will be hosted at Betsy Jacaruso Studio & Gallery and at Winter Sun & Summer Moon from 3:00 – 5:00 pm. At that time, online bidding for the boxes will begin on the   Keep Safe Project website.
on wrists 2
To learn more about lemurs visit our website at

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