Meet Afo A Red Ruffed Lemur Infant Born At LCF!

afo 3

Tails From Myakka City: Meet Afo – a red ruffed lemur born at LCF on 13 June to first time mom Ravina.

afo 4

Afo has a feisty and spirited personality and so was named Afo, which means fire in Malagasy.

afo 2

Unlike our other lemur species, red ruffed babies don’t cling to their mom. Instead, as females can give birth to litters of up to six infants, she makes a nest where her babies safely reside until they’re big enough to move around on their own.

Afo 1

Now almost two months old, baby Afo can often be found running around the enclosure, climbing low branches and, best of all, spending time with mom Ravina and sire Tsikey.

afo 6

To learn more about lemurs visit our website at

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