Happy Endangered Species Day!

Today is #EndangeredSpeciesDay! Did you know lemurs are now the most threatened group of mammals on the earth? With lemurs representing 21% of all primate species and a unique evolutionary lineage found nowhere else, saving lemur populations from this unprecedented decline is the single highest primate conservation priority in the world (Lemurs of Madagascar, A Strategy for their Conservation 2013-2016; Schwitzer et al., 2014).

Although the struggle to save lemurs is one of the greatest conservation challenges the world is facing, there is hope. Through our managed breeding program, the Ako Conservation Education Program, and our projects to increase protection of lemur habitats in Madagascar, LCF is fighting to prevent lemur extinctions.

You can help us answer this urgent call to action by telling your friends and family about the lemur crisis, ensuring that the products you purchase do not contribute to lemur habitat destruction, and by supporting organizations like LCF. By working together we can ensure that lemurs not only play an important role in our evolutionary past but that we will continue to unravel their mysteries and appreciate their beauty well into the future.

PicMonkey Collage


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