Tamarind Treats

Have you ever wondered what a lemur hankers for when its stomach grumbles?  Ring-tailed lemurs enjoy a tasty tamarind pod to satisfy those cravings.  Tamarind pods can be found on the Tamarind tree, indigenous to tropical Africa.  The edible pods grow to about 4.5-6 inches in length.  Ring-tailed lemurs easily crack the hard, brown, protective shell with their teeth and lick the fleshy pulp inside.

A healthy, mature tree can produce up to 386 lbs of fruit every year, making it a popular destination for any troop of hungry ring-tailed lemurs.  Tamarind pods not only act as a succulent snack for the lemurs, but humans as well.  Tamarind pods can be found at many ethnic markets and are commonly used in desserts, made into jam, or used as sweeteners to flavor certain snacks such as ice cream.


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