TY Madagascar JollyEDITDr. Alison Jolly was one of the world’s most respected primatologists and conservationists known particularly for her work with lemurs in Madagascar. She was among the first to argue that conservation must recognize the needs of local people. A generation of primatologists and conservation biologists were influenced by her work, and benefited from her encouragement and support.

Madagascar is one of the world’s natural jewels and few people knew it better than Alison Jolly did. ‘Thank You, Madagascar’ is her eyewitness account of the extraordinary biodiversity of Madagascar and the environment of its people. In this book, Alison offers her unique insight into Madagascar, an island nation with over 90% of its wildlife is found nowhere else on earth. At the book’s heart lies a conflict between three different views of nature. Is the extraordinary forest treasure-house of Madagascar a heritage for the entire world? Is it a legacy of the forest dwellers’ ancestors, bequeathed to serve the needs of their living descendants? Or is it an economic resource to pillage for short-term gain? Exploring these different views, this is a beautifully written diary and a tribute to Madagascar.
‘Thank You, Madagascar: The Conservation Diaries of Alison Jolly,’ explores the issue of environmental conservation as climate change intensifies. Alison wrote for both popular and scientific audiences, and conducted extensive fieldwork on lemurs in Madagascar, primarily at the Berenty Reserve, a small private reserve of gallery forest set in the semi-arid spiny desert area in the far south of Madagascar. Today, a portion of recently restored forest in Madagascar is named after her, as well as a new species of mouse lemur.
Dr. Alison Jolly died in 2014, leaving a legacy of conservation professionals and writings that help us explore the habitats, questions, and challenges that defined her work and the issues shaping our generation.
‘Thank You, Madagascar: The Conservation Diaries of Alison Jolly’ is available on 12 March 2015 from Zed Books. PRICE: £18.99 | $27.95 FORMAT: HARDBACK ISBN: 9781783603183
Book launch and celebration of Dr. Alison Jolly’s life and legacy:
Thursday 23 April – 6.30-8.00PM
American Natural History Museum – New York

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